Let's get serious.

DZ- We're grown ups now, Nunki the cat. 
It's time to leave home for good.
But first, we have to make a LIST. Am I trying too hard?

N- It's ok, I guess... But don't go too crazy.

DZ- Ok, first we have to pack...
...our toys!

N- I'm not sure if adults use toys to communicate.

DZ- True, but they love memories. And it will be out SECRET, like domestic violence or something.

N- Ok, pack some grown up stuff, like hats and cigarettes. Or newspapers and toilete brush!

DZ- I'll be lost without you...
We have to say something promising to mom, like 
- For this money you gave us, I'll buy a car to drive myself to dentist. 
Or - I'll propose to my doctor and ask him to prescribe me that tranquilizer that you're using.

N- Don't say that to dad.

DZ- I'm writing it down too.
 Let's concentrate on problems, we have to come up with at least 2.

N- We lost our house keys?

DZ- No, we're not. But lying to ourselves sounds mature.

N- Stupid, but we have to act it out.

DZ- Next, for the trip - borrow, don't steal candies from my brother.

N- Boy, that sounds responsible. Let's retire tomorrow.

Dz- I hear you.

N- Make sandwiches, by-your-self.

Dz - Eat them.

N- Don't cry if you spit something on your shirt.

DZ- Yes, don't cry at all.

N- Don't pet me, we'll look suspicious.


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